Here's What I've Done So Far

Podcast | "Our Very Own Balanced Men"
This podcast started as a chance to share the stories and insights from some of SigEp's best and brightest brothers. This project highlights the lives and lessons learned from some fascinating individuals!


Podcast | "Onward Thinking!"
What happens when you mix a friend with a passion for storytelling and a friend with a passion for big ideas? You get a podcast! Onward Thinking is a show where we dive into unexplored topics. If you are a life-long learner we welcome you!


Running for a Cause | "Miles for Smiles"
After getting two marathons under my belt I've looked for the next challenge. I plan to run the Miner 49er 50K and the Hitchcock Experience Ultra-Marathon to raise money for charity. Through a partnership with Charity Miles we hope to raise over $2,000 for local charities!


TEDx Wartburg | "Why We Need the F-Word in Schools"
When is the last time you were fearless of failure? This talk discusses how we can embrace failure to become more innovative in our day to day lives. How powerful and transformative would it be if we truly welcomed failure and viewed it as part of the creative process?


Readers Today, Leaders Tomorrow | Promoting Literacy in the Cedar Valley

Did you know students who aren't proficient in reading by the third grade are four times more likely to drop out of school? RTLT has a mission to fix that. Every year we provide thousands of books to kids from low-income households to promote reading proficiency. 

Bob's Birds
Entrepreneur | Learning Business One Chicken at a Time

At the age of eight I started my own chicken business. Over a span of a decade I grew my "chicken monopoly" to pay for college. I learned responsibility, hard work, and the ins and outs of the business world.

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