A Bit About Myself...

My name is Caleb Gipple, and I am a devoted individual who expresses motivation and dedication towards all things I put my efforts towards. I am growing in my skills and leadership as I continuously get involved in different organizations and opportunities, diversifying myself and my skill set. I have obtained a variety of work and leadership experience that has developed me sufficiently in order to be a successful asset within any company or organization.

I am an ambitious, growing young professional whom has aspirations to be challenged and accept those challenges, to in turn, overcome and excel at them.

If you’d like to connect, you can contact me through my email (gipplec@uni.edu). I’d love to talk with you!

Focus | Futuristic | Discipline | Significance | Harmony 


Caleb is able to form strong connections with everyone he meets. He’s not afraid to put himself out there to create a friendship or make someone comfortable. On top of that, Caleb is more supportive than almost anyone I know. He would drop everything to come to the aid of someone that needs him. He listens actively and is willing to approach projects or problems from a new angle.” 


—  Avery Johnson